Windows 8 brings enhanced mobility to the Microsoft world


Windows Mobile Development

Microsoft launched Windows 8 in late 2012. This has re-energised the Windows platform for app development on mobile phones and Windows based tablets. Nokia’s new smartphones along with tablet PCs from Dell and HP signal a wave of mobile apps that are fully compatible with the Microsoft environments running on millions of PCs all over the world.

Many organisations have spent years carefully establishing enterprise strategies around the Microsoft operating system. The advent of Windows 8 and its metaphors that are in keeping with the new world of mobile apps now provides the basis for such organisations to extend their operating system of choice into the mobile world, while protecting their investment and skill-base in Microsoft technologies.

With products such as Microsoft Office so deeply entrenched in the skills that most employees use today, building apps around such familiar functionality must be a strong choice for many organisations.

MoFirst has been developing mobile apps for the Microsoft Windows mobile environment for many years and can bring the benefits of our skills for rapid development of tablet and smartphone apps that integrate with existing back-end systems to bring rich user experiences for your entire stake-holder community.

In the new connected world, you can no longer afford to allow your existing investment in IT systems to become isolated from delivery of your business functions on mobile devices. MoFirst can help to advise on the most effective ways of connecting and benefiting from Microsoft Windows Mobile technology.
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