Another paradigm shift is about to take place in the Financial Services sector as a consequence of mobile technology


Vertical Expertise In Financial Services

We have many years of systems development, package development and business knowledge in the Financial Services sector. Combining this knowledge with mobile is what gives MoFirst its unique sales proposition.


Mobile banking is now the area where almost all the top European banks wish to invest in order to deliver enhanced banking experiences to their customers. Banks today are spending up to 90% of their IT budgets in maintaining existing legacy infrastructure so the investment capability in mobile is limited. This may explain why the existing mobile banking apps are still not reaching their true potential. Whether you want to create mobile apps for the first time or develop your strategy for the mobile wallet, MoFirst can help in ensuring cost-effective development from an organisation that has already developed apps for back-end banking packages.
Receivables Finance

More so than in many other industries, the need for automated collaboration in receivables finance is paramount due to the need for dealing with both clients and debtors in a synchronised manner. Mobile apps, integrated with existing processing platforms can significantly improve the productivity of all parties involved in the receivables finance business process.
Capital Markets

Web-based services for clients, integrated with the front-office of broker systems are now well-established. With the advent of mobile, clients can now be provided with instant and real-time portfolio positions with the opportunity to execute immediate opportunistic or defensive trades through capability in the palm of their hands. It is equally important for staff of a broker, monitoring the back-office to stay in touch with real-time positions. Mobile solutions for management and staff can materially impact Risk Management and productivity.

IT has played a major role in helping insurance companies to differentiate their offerings to deliver superior customer service. Mobile applications provide the ability to create further transparency and to enhance customer service. Whether this be for quotation, endorsement , first notification of loss or providing an up-to-date assessment of the progress of a claim, mobile apps that address the full policy lifecycle from the client’s stand-point can assist in ensuring enduring relationships.
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