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MoFirst has developed mobile solutions for many industries including Entertainment, Gaming, Leisure, Media, Professional Services, Retail, Sports, Travel, Tourism and Utilities to name but a few.  Our approach to rapid app development can bring the immediate business benefits of mobile technology to your business in the most cost-effective manner.

Why not avail our special offer to design and build your complete mobile solution for enhanced customer service?

Prove for yourself the undoubted power of mobile technology to create customer loyalty.

Special Offer

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  1. We will deliver a hybrid Customer Service app that will work on the most popular platforms (i.e.  IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry);
  2. The app will contain:
    1. Customer registration
    2. Your branding
    3. Catalogue of your main products and services
    4. Customer requests for products or servicesScreen shot 2013-03-30 at 14.09.25
    5. Your special offers
    6. Business location(s) with map and Sat. Nav. directions
    7. Ability for your customer to share experience of your company through Facebook and email
    8. Testimonials for excellent service from your company
    9. Questions and inquiries to be sent to your company
    10. Complaints to be sent to your company
  3. We will provide a hosted Content Management System for you to directly manage all your app content.
  4. All app based communications from your customer will be sent to your chosen email addresses.
  5. You will be able to communicate to your customer by mobile phone, through sms or email directly to the mobile device registered for the app
  6. We will provide the administration service to register your app on the App Stores of your choice.
  7. Pricing as follows:
    1. Fixed price design and build of Customer Service app at £3,495 plus VAT
    2. MoFirst Support Services at £95 per month including:
      1. Help Desk
      2. Defect support
      3. Hosted Content Management System
      4. Admin access to Content Management System

Please call us on 01883 330010 to discuss this package
We will be happy to also provide consultative advice on bespoke solutions.