Blackberry BB 10 continues Blackberry’s dominance in the corporate world


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Whereas other smartphones have largely catered for the consumer market, Blackberry has traditionally been the smartphone of choice for the corporate and business community because of the enhanced security and tight integration with email Enterprise Servers. Managing business email, business contacts and business calendars has always been strengths. With the launch of the Blackberry Z10 and BB 10 operating system, these strengths are taken forward and built upon recognising that the business user is also part of a social world.

Blackberry development with BB 10 brings a new level of user experience to a smartphone with the clever Flow capability which allows smooth gliding between apps and screens without hard navigation tools and the Peek capability which is the smart little gesture enabling you to check your latest notifications and messages without having to exit the current app you're using. In addition the new BlackBerry Hub is the universal inbox found on BlackBerry 10, and it pulls in all forms of communications from calls and texts to emails, BBMs and social updates. This convenient communications centre can be a productivity boon for apps written with communications as a core requirement. Blackberry Messenger has also been enhanced to not only permit voice calls but also video calls.

With BB 10 Blackberry development can deliver apps which integrate with and use all of the native functions of the new Blackberry Z10 in the corporate and business world. Having a single smartphone for business and non-business use can become a reality. Back-end server corporate systems can readily be integrated with Blackberry 10 functions to deliver secure and rich user-experience mobile apps.

Internal systems in your company today are aimed at high volume transaction processing but their user-interface is not appropriate for your extended enterprise. Why not use the data generated by these systems to populate apps for your mobile workforce, customers and suppliers on Blackberry Z10 and all the other mobile platforms which will remain popular for the next five years.
MoFirst is well placed to deliver complete solutions across all platforms and we look forward to discussing how this will not only provide benefit for your entire stake-holder community but will save you costs by re-using app designs across platforms.
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