The market for Android device enterprise solutions is set to explode


Android Development

Android development with Android 4.2 brings the latest capabilities of the powerful Google platform to Android based smartphones and tablets. With the advent of superb hardware technology from manufacturers such as Samsung, the Android movement is set to really take-off.

Android development provides new dimensions for mobile apps. The Android operating system with its multi-tasking, multi-user environment and its close integration with the entire Google world, including Google Search, Google World and Google+, makes for apps that are integrated with back-end databases which provide rich functional user experiences.

While the Apple world has taken initiatives with voice input through capabilities such as Siri, Android has focused more on easier to use keyboard technologies such as Gesture Typing and stylus based hand-writing converted by software into digital text. Some classes of apps may benefit from this Android approach and we are happy to discuss the pros and cons with you. Whether your company’s strategic direction is supportive of the more open systems world of Android development or you wish to undertake delivery of apps on both Apple and Google platforms, MoFirst has highly skilled resources to undertake and deliver all your Android development for smartphone and tablets.

In the new connected world, you can no longer afford to allow your existing investment in IT systems to become isolated from delivery of your business functions on mobile devices. MoFirst can help to advise on the most effective ways of connecting and benefiting from mobility.

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